To & From Naha airport

Getting to and from Naha airport on Yui Rail (Monorail) is fast and easy. Yui Rail provides easy connections to and from Naha (International) Airport Station.

Yui Rail, Naha airport station

Ways to Pay

There are a range of options and ways to pay for your travel. For most people, pay as you go with OKICA (prepaid IC card) is the best option as it offers flexibility and convenience. Make sure you touch in and out on the card reader.
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No other cards similar to OKICA such as Suica, Pasmo, etc. can be used on Yui Rail.
Paper tickets
Adult 300 yen, under 12 years old 150 yen
You can buy single ticket for travel on Yui Rail service from ticket machines at their train stations. Fares vary.
Up to two children under 6 may travel with an adult for free. 
One Day Pass
A 1-day pass (Fare: 700 Yen) allows you travel as often as you like can be used for an unlimited time 24 hours after purchase (NOT for the day). 
A 2-day pass  (Fare: 1200 Yen) allows you travel as often as you like can be used for an unlimited time 48 hours after purchase.
Children, under 12 years, 350 yen and 600 yen respectively. 

Yui Rail Schedules

Yui Rail arrives and departs approximately every ten minutes from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. everyday.
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Travel Times to all Destinations


Kokusai Dori or International avenue, located between Kencho-mae station and Makishi station, a massive shopping and eating strip that cuts a 1.2 kilometer diagonal across the city center.
Technically, it’s about 2 kilometers avenue. Most shops and restaurants are located between above both stations.

Okinawa island